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Strawberry and Rose Oil

Strawberry and Rose Oil

Discover your skin’s sweet spot with this glow-inducing strawberry facial oil to hydrate, soften, brighten and supercharge antioxidant protection.

We nickname this our glory oil as it does so much for the skin. Reducing inflammation and redness, boosting hydration and nourishment, supporting collagen production, fighting the signs of ageing including refining skin texture and minimising the appearance of fine lines.

This gorgeously scented oil is ideal as a moisturiser for skin with dryness, active acne concerns for a noticeable improvement in clarity, texture, and calmness.

Why your skin will love Rose and Strawberry Oil:
- Increased skin hydration
- Brightening
- Soothing for inflamed, uncomfortable skin
- Antioxidant defence against accelerated signs of ageing
- Pore appearance minimised
- Antiseptic properties target acne
- Ideal as a moisturiser and under makeup
- Calming sweet scent

Strawberry extract offers brightening and hydrating properties for an even, supple skin tone. Impressive levels of Vitamin C in strawberry extract encourage collagen synthesis and offers potent anti-ageing antioxidant defence against pollutants and UV exposure.

Great for dry and impaired skin, rosa centifolia extract aids in skin recovery offering redness reduction, soothing properties and promoting skin barrier health for increased moisture.

The addition of squalene minimises fine lines and softens skin to encourage a youthful look and baby smooth texture. Offering skin-balancing benefits, squalene also helps regulate oil flow for oily skin types and calms irritation.

Suitable for mature age skin through to acne-prone skin, with soothing benefits and high levels of essential fatty acids in rosehip oil. With time rosehip softens, calms, and brightens.

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