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Sunset Skin Anti-Ageing Acai Duo

Youth-boosting Duo Kangaroo Paw Flower Extract and Acai Oil offer hydrating and anti-ageing antioxidants to plump fine lines, deeply hydrate and rejuvenate skin.

Ideal for all skin types to address fine lines, dehydration and environmental stress, this lightweight oil restores, firms and hydrates fatigued skin.

With antioxidants from Kangaroo Paw Flower Extract and Acai Oil including vitamin E and A, this nutrient-rich formula nourishes and deeply hydrates for supple skin.

The phyto-active compounds of Australian native Kangaroo Paw Flower Extract support skin repair and increase hydration while stimulating collagen and elastin for excellent anti-ageing benefits.

With naturally occurring vitamin A, Acai Oil boosts cell turnover and its essential fatty acids nourish skin encouraging a more youthful complexion. It also hydrating for thirsty skin.

Antioxidant Tocopherol (Vitamin E) restores the skin's protective barrier so cells retain moisture for longer and also helps neutralises free radical damage.

Why people love Sunset Skin Anti-Ageing Acai Duo:

- Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Skin is more supple and deeply hydrated
- Clarifies pigmentation and sun damage
- Protects against free-radical damage
- Speeds up skin regeneration to promote healing

Size- 30ml

*As our Skin Treats bottles are made from glass, each bottle is unique and special. The internal glass does differ from bottle to bottle, so you will find that each of your Skin Treats will sit a little differently. This with the combination of different consistencies (Gel V Oil) your product should sit just at the top of the blue esmi circle, anything over this is a nice little bonus - yay!