The Poni Story

PONi was born out of the desire to help women easily achieve professional results at home between professional brow services. At the heart of this desire was the goal to create a true and real value proposition to the consumer and to ensure that it remains in place through all levels of the flow to market. PONI will always be an affordable brand that is easy to use by women of all skin types and style preferences.

PONi is a fun, bright, exuberant brand that is absolutely committed to the principle of being cruelty-free. The brand has a very strong pedigree and expertise on all things brow, and are considered an authority on brows and changing brow trends within the Australian market.

PONi Cosmetics presents strong value based around the following key principles


Affordable, easy to use products to allow everyday women to empower themselves and create a professional look at home.


Easy to access information on how best to use the products to bring more value to the purchase.


Cruelty-free, high-quality products manufactured under strict guidelines and subject to thorough quality control.


Products with benefits or differences that make them unique to anything else found in their makeup bags.

Partner Benefits

Marketing Support

Our growing fanbase is your advantage, plus we supply merch and POS.

Training Resources

For your staff on product knowledge and use, sales and marketing.

Strong Brand, Unique Position

Innovative products giving you the competitive edge.

Price Point

Affordable for everyone, great value, plus bulk discounts.

Excellent Markup

Increase your revenue and profitability.


PONi Partners experience with us the following benefits

Increased average spend in the brow category increasing their revenue and profit

Returning customers 70% of total sales - customers really buy into the feel and philosophy of the brand and are loyal.

Growing number of online influencers already totalling over 20m in followers

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