Collection: Cruelty Free Skin Care

Committed to Cruelty Free Beauty

We care about your skin and we care about how our products are made.

All our skin care products are cruelty free, so you can get your best skin ever and feel great about using them.

We are committed to no animal testing at each stage of our product development and creation. We also don’t sell our products in countries where animal testing is mandatory.

We deliver the best cruelty free skin care as part of our philosophy for healthy, ethical skin care that doesn’t cost the earth.


To help protect animals from unnecessary and painful testing

Choosing cruelty free skin care and cruelty free beauty products means you’re helping protect animals from short, painful lives trapped in laboratories for cosmetic testing.

Animal testing isn’t necesary to evaluate the safety or performance of a product. There are safe, more effective testing alternatives available that don’t involve animals including in vitro testing, computer modelling, and human volunteers.

We want to drive change by helping to create a world where animal testing is completely replaced by conscious and ethical methods.

Support consciously and responsibly made skin care

When you choose cruelty free skin care, you are supporting low-impact, environmentally responsible and kind products.

In alignment with our brand philosophy, we use alternative testing methods that do not involve animals to ensure our cruelty free skin care products and vegan skincare products are safe for use.


We are proud to be one of the best cruelty free skincare brands in Australia. We take pride in our skin products, and believe in being completely transparent about how they are made and what is in them.

That is why our ingredients are listed on each product page. We encourage you to learn more about the active ingredients used in our skin care. We want to empower you with knowledge!

The esmi range is suitable for vegans. All vegan skincare products are indicated with a badge on the product page.