Brand Story

Makeup Cartel was born out of a desire to create professional makeup and skin care products that were Easy To Use, Quick To Apply, Deliver Fast Results and Unique to anything else on the market. After many years of working as professional in the industry, our founder, Evette Hess, had an overwhelming belief she could find a way to give busy women a glimpse of the empowerment that comes with professional makeup and active skin care in their daily lives.

Our goal at Makeup Cartel is to create a true and real value proposition to the consumer and to ensure that it remains in place through all levels of flow to market.

We believe that all women desire and deserve the opportunity to enjoy the principles that Makeup Cartel promotes and for that reason, our brands will always be affordable and easy to use by women of all skin types and style preferences.

With a strong passion for wanting to create products that are not only flattering to all women but also easy to use for all makeup skill levels, PONi Cosmetics was born. PONi is a fun and exuberant brand that is absolutely committed to the principals of being affordable, easy to use and animal cruelty-free. The brand focuses primarily on brow and lash products but also features a few speciality face and lip products. Since its humble beginning in 2013, this Boutique Range has grown into a well known and sort after brand as an industry leader brand for Brow and Beauty Professionals not only in Australia but worldwide.

Whilst PONi was growing, we identified an opportunity in the market for an Australian Made mineral foundation that has additional treatment benefits. So after years of researching, testing and trialling – esmi Skin Minerals was born. The range started with our best-selling Liquid Foundation – with coverage, colour, cruelty-free, vegan, sun protection and treatment qualities being the crucial considerations throughout the development phase - all of which esmi Skin Minerals sets a high standard. From there, the range has grown to include a comprehensive line of skin care so we can support our customers through their entire journey to healthy skin – from cleansing through to foundation. At only 3 years young, esmi Skin Minerals has already grown into a results-driven, leading brand in the beauty industry, and the demand for esmi is skyrocketing day by day.

Our next brand to launch was an exciting lip brand called Lip Heroes. Lip Heroes was 3 years in the making of research and development, dreaming about having a lip-product line join the Makeup Cartel family. Lip Heroes is a superior quality, cruelty-free and vegan lip product line. We hope you enjoy it as much as what we enjoyed creating it for you!

At Makeup Cartel, we are continually researching, trialling and creating all of the products in our repertoire, from conception and visual design, right through to the finished product. So with more exciting developments coming for all three brands, Makeup Cartel is one of the most sort after companies for beauty professionals to work with.