Collection: Face Masks

Booster Face Masks

Clay, gel, and cream face mask treatments for brightening, hydrating, acne control, detoxing, soothing and anti-ageing.

Our range of vegan and cruelty free face masks are formulated with hard working active ingredients plus Australian native and natural extracts to suit a range of skin types and concerns.

Each mask is designed to leave on for a quick 10 minute masking session or overnight for an intensive treatment. Enjoy a mess free application with the Mask Applicator Brush!

Different types of face masks:

Cream masks: Normal to dry skin types will be rejuvenated and hydrated with face mask cream formulations. Emollient, softening, and hydration promoting ingredients are typical in a cream based, moisturising face mask.

Gel masks: The cooling sensation and texture of a gel mask feel soothing for sensitive, irritated, or red skin. The de-puffing action of gel masks is also ideal for ageing concerns.

Clay masks: Formulated with natural clay like bentonite and kaolin, a clay mask helps refine the skin’s texture, detoxify and absorb excess oil. Ideal for congested and oily skin types.