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Probiotic Skin Mylck plus Hydration

Probiotic Skin Mylck plus Hydration

Increase hydration and support a healthy skin barrier with this lightweight moisturiser formulated for ultra sensitive skin with 100% Australian made probiotics.

Help target dehydration in sensitive complexions with beneficial bacteria to assist balance skin's microflora, help restore a damaged skin barrier, and increase hydration.

Benefits of probiotics
Did you know your skin is like an ecosystem? Different parts of your body need different good-bacteria.The esmi Probiotic Skin Mylck features specially selected Australian Made probiotic Lysates scientifically proven to be ideal probiotics for skin application.

This Lysate helps to create an ideal environment for your skin to thrive when compromised by outside elements and bad-bacteria.

Benefits of Skin Mylck + Hydration
- Soothing and healing for hyper sensitive skin
- Helps balance skin's microflora
- Targets dehydration
- Aids in strengthening the skin barrier
- Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy

Hydration relief and skin barrier support start here for ultra sensitive skin with beneficial bacteria and moisture attracting humectants.

esmi Skin Minerals is the first skincare brand to use 100% Australian made probiotics produced in an Australian cGMP/TGA approved laboratory in the Skin Mylck range.

Probiotic Lysates have been carefully researched and selected as the probiotic ideal for skin application. The good bacteria in the esmi Skin Mylck creates the ideal environment for your skin to heal and thrive while helping to balance it's delicate microflora. This Lysate can help by starting to strengthen the skin barrier against outside irritants and pathogens that trigger reactivity and redness in sensitive complexions. Read more about probiotic skin care here.

Sodium hyaluronate has incredible hydrating benefits. A humectant, it attracts water to thirsty skin cells helping to combat dehydration, repair a damaged barrier, and improve the appearance of ageing concerns.

Brimming with vitamins and minerals Chondrus crispus extract improves moisture retention and helps balance the skin microbiome.

Jojoba oil offers skin repair, damage control and moisturisation with Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins.

Alongside Probiotic Lysates the linoleic acid in grape-seed oil also helps strengthen skin's barrier function while plant-derived emollients seal in moisture and help impart a smooth, soft feel to the skin.

*esmi Skin Minerals are the first skincare company using a 100% Australian made Lacticaseibacillus.rhamnosus Lysate produced in Australia's first and only cGMP/TGA certified facility for probiotic API manufacturing. Valid as at September 2020

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