Collection: Face Mist

Refreshing & Hydrating Skin Snack Face Mist

This invigorating, lightweight vegan face mist delivers a burst of instant hydration for dewy, radiant skin anytime, anywhere. Use the face mist before your face oil or moisturising lotion, under your makeup or spritz throughout the day for on-the-go hydration.

Formulated with the ultimate moisture magnet, hyaluronic acid, the Refreshing and Hydrating Skin Snack Face Mist attracts water to hydrate skin cells from the inside out.

This hydrating face mist features a blend of plant oils selected for their nutrient-rich properties including almond oil, coconut oil, acai oil, kiwi seed oil, and more. Collectively they support skin health with fatty acids and vitamins (including vitamin A, E, and C) to repair and smooth the skin barrier, making it the best facial spray for the skin.