Collection: Probiotic Skincare

Skin Care with Probiotics

Discover our range of the best probiotic skincare in Australia. The calming and restorative powers of good bacteria are provided through topical probiotics for skin. Say goodbye to inflammation, probiotic skincare is senstive skin's best friend.

Our probiotic skin care products can be used to:

- Soothe and heal hyper sensitive skin
- Balance skin microflora
- Replenish skin moisture
- Speed up skin recovery
- Strengthen the skin barrier
- Anti-inflammatory and hypo-allergic

We believe our range is the best probiotic skin care in Australia. We are the first skincare brand to use 100% Australian made probiotics produced in an Australian cGMP/TGA approved laboratory.

Probiotic Lysates have been carefully researched and selected as the probiotic ideal for skin application. The good bacteria in the esmi Skin Mylck creates the ideal environment for your skin to heal and thrive while helping to balance its delicate microflora. This Lysate can aid in strengthening the skin barrier against outside irritants, pathogens that can often trouble sensitive complexions. Read more about probiotic skin care.