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Cheek Makeup

Glow and bring out your best features with PONi makeup highlighter, bronzer, and blush.

Universally flattering shades and ombre palettes mean each cheek makeup product delivers a colour match for every skin tone and occasion. Designed to use alone or blend beautifully together for everyday wear or glamorous looks.

Vegan and cruelty free, each product is a silky powder formulation with high-pigment pay off offering a shimmer or matt finish. All day wear, super blendable and ideal for beginners or experts. PONi’s cheek makeup range is everything you need in a perfectly matched combination.

The Best Highlighter, Bronzer and Blush

Unicorn Champagne Highlighter

The only makeup highlighter you need in your kit, the universally flattering shade of champagne looks gorgeous on all skin tones. Build and sculpt until the highlight level is just right for cheeks, brow bone, nose and eyes with this richly-pigmented, silky ombre powder.

Easy to apply, this cruelty free highlighter glides on without looking too powdery and blends effortlessly.

Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer

A silky smooth ombre pressed powder, this cruelty free bronzer flatters all skin tones.

Keep it light for a subtle shimmer of warmth or turn up the intensity for a darker, sun-kissed bronze. A spectrum of bronze in a single compact.

A high pigment and long lasting makeup bronzer, the powder formula suits all skin types and delivers a radiant-matte finish.

Perfect for beginners or experts, apply the bronzer to the apples of your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. This multitasker doubles as a radiant eyeshadow too.

Unicorn Candy Blush

Bring a vibrant glow to your face with Unicorn Candy Blush! You’ll find the perfect rosy flush to suit your skin tone with this ombre blush makeup palette.

This cheek blush colour blends from a subtle peach glow to a cotton candy pink; play around and discover your ideal match. With a bright pigment, silky texture and long-lasting finish you’ll achieve a beautiful, seamless colour. Easy to use, beginners and experts will love this cruelty free blush.

Get all 3 products in The Glow Bundle!

“Thought I would take a chance with PONi. I am glad I did! LOVE all three products. They blend beautifully, and don't need loads of product to get the amazing results!” - Amanda