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Eye Delight Reflection Eye Balm 15ml

Eye Delight Reflection Eye Balm 15ml

Restore and refresh with this ultra-moisturising eye balm. Help to firm, hydrate, and reduce puffiness in the delicate eye area.

Ideal for all skin types, this moisture-retaining, depuffing formula of plant-based actives helps address lines, puffiness and dryness. The eye firming action helps leave skin more supple, smooth, and lifted.

Why people love our Eye Delight Reflection Eye Balm:
- Puffiness is visibly reduced*
- Fine lines are minimised
- Helps reduce under eye dryness
- Increased, long lasting hydration
- Smoother, firmer eye area
- Antioxidant protection

*When used over a period of 2 weeks or more.

Eye Delight Reflection Eye Balm promotes increased hydration to help firm and soothe dry under eye skin for a refreshed look.

Chinese Horse Chestnut reduces water retention to ease puffiness while toning, soothing, and moisturising the skin. The key active ingredient in Chinese Horse Chestnut, escin, also promotes healthy blood circulation and strengthens capillaries for fresher looking skin.

Peach Resin is moisturising and helps firm the skin by improving elasticity. These benefits promote a more hydrated eye area and help tighten skin under eyes.

Skin is plumper and softer with the conditioning and moisturising properties of Jojoba oil which encourages eye firming. Antioxidant-rich Jojoba also helps slow signs of fine lines and wrinkles in the thin, delicate skin around the eyes and shields against future damage.

Apply a rice grain amount of the eye balm to your fingertips or roll and massage product onto eye area with the silver 'zamak' tip for better circulation and stimulation. Careful not to get the product in your eyes.

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