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Hydrating and Nourishing Acai Duo

Hydrating and Nourishing Acai Duo

Lightweight hydration plus nourishing anti-aging properties address multiple skin concerns at once - healing, protecting and hydrating.

Ideal for thirsty skin in need of extra nourishment to combat dehydration, fine lines and damage this skin treat hydrates, softens and regenerates.

Vitamin-rich seaweed extract has humectants to draw moisture to the skin and contains vitamin E which is great for hydrating the skin too. The amino acids in seaweed regenerate and protect skin encouraging a plumper complexion and smoothing fine lines.

Sodium hyaluronate delivers exceptional hydration. Ultra hydrating, its small molecular structure means it can penetrate deep into the layers of thirsty skin.

With naturally occurring Vitamin A, acai oil boosts cell turnover and its essential fatty acids nourish skin encouraging a more youthful complexion.

Provitamin B5 is a natural skin healer, protector, and humectant. Its skin softening abilities also help improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Why people love our Hydrating and Nourishing Acai Duo:

- Deeply hydrating for dry skin
- Skin softening and regenerating
- Intensity of a water-based serum
- Moisturising benefits of an oil
- Plumps and smoothes fine lines
- Unique bottle design to use every last drop of product

Size: 30ml

*As our Skin Treats bottles are made from glass, each bottle is unique and special. The internal glass does differ from bottle to bottle, so you will find that each of your Skin Treats will sit a little differently. This with the combination of different consistencies (Gel V Oil) your product should sit just at the top of the blue esmi circle, anything over this is a nice little bonus - yay!

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