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esmi Microfibre Headband

esmi Microfibre Headband

Keep your hair dry and free from product with our handy microfibre headband. Your must-have accessory for daily skincare routines, at home facials and for applying your makeup.

Each headband has been designed with an easy-to-use velcro closure for a perfect and comfortable fit every time. Did we mention they are available in your favourite colour?

Why People Love Microfibre Headband:
- Soft microfibre material
- Easy-to-use velcro closure
- Securely holds hair off the face
- Doesn't harbour bacteria
- Easy to clean
- One size fits most

The microfibre headband securely holds your hair off your face while completing your skincare routine, doing at home facials and when applying makeup.

Microfibre's very, very thin fibres have a slightly positive magnetic charge which attracts dirt and residue and doesn't promote the growth of bacteria.

No more hair getting in the way of your skincare with the reusable, easy-to clean soft microfibre headband. Pick your colour and pair your headband with your favourite esmi products.

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