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Sunrise Skin Energising Acai Duo

Sunrise Skin Energising Acai Duo

A vitality-boosting duo with Kakadu Plum and Acai to brighten, tone and restore tired skin with the intensity of a water-based serum and moisturising benefits of an oil.

Ideal for all skin types to brighten a dull, dehydrated complexion prone to age spots and hyperpigmentation while stimulating collagen to firm and tone. Leaves skin soft, even and moisturised.

For all skin types needing an energy boost, the Sunrise Skin Energising Acai Duo combines the potency of a water-based serum with the rich moisturising benefits of an oil. Restores skin dulled by hyperpigmentation and sun exposure while plumping fine lines.

With exceptional skin brightening and anti-ageing properties, Kakadu Plum extract contains nature's highest level of vitamin C and brightens skin while boosting collagen for a firmer, smoother tone.

Acai oil is hydrating and addresses ageing concerns while niacinamide repairs and aids in breakout prevention.

Potent skin brightener, Licorice extract also contains anti-inflammatory properties to resolve inflammation and redness, evening out and restoring skin tone.

Why people love Sunrise Skin Energising Acai Duo:

- Intensity of a water-based serum
- Moisturising benefits of an oil
- Brighter, evener skin tone
- Addresses hyperpigmentation and age spots
- Smoothes fine lines and tones
- Unique bottle design to use every last drop of product

Size: 30ml

*As our Skin Treats bottles are made from glass, each bottle is unique and special. The internal glass does differ from bottle to bottle, so you will find that each of your Skin Treats will sit a little differently. This with the combination of different consistencies (Gel V Oil) your product should sit just at the top of the blue esmi circle, anything over this is a nice little bonus - yay!

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